[ANN] msn-pecan-0.1 released

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 04:19:20 EST 2010


msn-pecan is a "fork" of libpurple's MSN plug-in with a different
development process, clear priorities, and plan forward. Considering
I'm the main developer of  both[1] libpurple's stock plugin, and
msn-pecan, calling it a fork is a bit dubious, but whatever.

Fortunately there hasn't been many changes since the last rc, there's
a security fix, and some reconnection fixes (more visible in @msn.com
accounts), and the usual cleanups.

It might be worth noting that the repository was a bit messed up so it
has been reorganized. If you have some uncommitted branches, you would
need to rebase them. However, this kinds of changes will not happen

>From this point forward, the 0.1.x series would be considered the
'stable' branch, while main development continues on the 'master'
branch which we would also try to keep stable.

Many people have contributed over the years, with code, bug reports,
and encouragement. Thanks to everyone involved, but specially to Devid
Antonio Filoni who makes it possible for many people to use msn-pecan
when otherwise it wouldn't have been possible. Also thanks to Elliott
Sales de Andrade who indirectly (through Devid) has been an important
part of the project.

Here's the shortlog:

     1  Albert Cervin
     3  Alexandre André
     6  Andrea Piccinelli
     1  Chris Stafford
     3  Christiano Farina Haesbaert
     1  David Geary
    89  Devid Antonio Filoni
     1  Edgardo Fredz
     2  Eion Robb
     2  Elias Julkunen
    10  Elliott Sales de Andrade
     2  Erik Fredriksen
     2  Evan Schoenberg
   866  Felipe Contreras
     1  Geoffrey Antos
     1  Gulars
     1  Jisakiel
     1  John Bailey
     1  Jovan Turanjanin
     1  Ka-Hing Cheung
     1  Keir Lawson
     2  Luís Neto
     2  Marco de Moulin
     2  Mike Ruprecht
     3  Octavio Alvarez
     1  Peter Skov
     1  Sergei Zivukov
     1  Simo Mattila
     1  Simone Contini
     1  Tao Wei
     3  Thiago Silva
     1  Thomas Gibson-Robinson
     3  Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal
     1  Wei Hsiang Hung
     1  Ying-Shiuan Pan
     1  ZyroBlue
     1  drummingdemon

For more details about msn-pecan, and the future check the blog post:

Finally, I would like to encourage msn-pecan users to spread the word
of this release, which should be good for mass consumption ;) Also,
please vote up on your favorite sites, like:

 * http://freshmeat.net/projects/msn-pecan
 * https://www.ohloh.net/p/msn-pecan
 * http://maemo.org/downloads/product/Maemo5/telepathy-msn-pecan/

Enjoy the release!

Felipe Contreras

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