Yet another GSoC 2010 discussion mail

Souvik Roy da.comp.guy at
Wed Mar 10 08:17:41 EST 2010

Hi Pidgin Devs,
I'm Souvik Roy, a GSoC2009 student (Eclipse Org). I'm pretty sure Pidgin
will be accepted as an mentoring org this year too, so wanted to get started
with the ideas discussion right from now ;) I've been thru' the GSoC Ideas
Wiki of Pidgin, and Particularly interested in the "Protocol to send SMS via
your cellphone".
Also, I would like to ask the Pidgin Developers if MicroBlogging support is
of a high priorityin the future pidgin development? I was thinking if my
GSoC Project could leverage both the FrontEnd (Like improving the usability)
and also the microblog-purple features (including various bug fixes). Is it
something already on your roadmap already ?
I have a few stuff in my mind regarding the usability part, which I would
refine and write to you all asap.

Thanks and Regards
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