GSoC Idea - XMPP

Joachim Lutz octolotl at
Fri Mar 19 23:07:27 EDT 2010

Hi there.

My name is Joachim Lutz, I study computer science (Bachelor) at
Saarland University (Germany) and would like to participate at Google
Summer of Code.

I had the idea of extending the current XMPP status handling so that
priorities are more efficient to use. If multiple clients are online
using the same XMPP-account you can use priorities to control which one
of the clients will receive a sent message.

The approach would be as following:
- One can set a basic priority for the account
- Every status has a value which will be added to the base priority
- Status priorities are:
  Chatty > Online > Away > Ext. Away > DnD > Invisible >= Offline
- Invisible is specially set
- Online sets the priority to the base priority


Given a base priority of 30 and 3 stati (chatty, online, offline and
invisble not counted) the assignment of the stati would be as following:

Chatty:    30 +   1 *10
Online:    30 +   0 *10
Away:      30 + (-1)*10
Ext. Away: 30 + (-2)*10
DnD:       30 + (-3)*10

The value 10 is calculated by the base priority divided by the amount
of stati dynamically assigned (currently: dnd, away and ext. away).

That's it, basically. This should offer the most flexibility at a
minimum level of complexity (one value to configure).

I'd be happy to see some feedback/comments from you.



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