GSoC 2010 Idea: a more shell oriented client

Matthieu Maury mayeu.tik at
Wed Mar 24 19:12:06 EDT 2010

Hi everybody,
My name is Matthieu Maury and I'm a french student currently in first year
of master.
Recently I tried to replace some of my graphical software with command line
equivalent and I discover that Pidgin have a command line interface. So I
played arround with Finch, but for me it's not really a command line version
of Pigdin. It's much more a Pidgin inside a shell than a "shell oriented"
What I propose is to devellop a more shell-oriented interface for Pidgin
wich will be command driven, and not "window" driven.
I'm not sur that this kind of interface interest you, it may be a little
redondant with Finch, but that's my proposal :)

About my experience, it's the first time I propose (and maybe) participate
to GSoC, and I have no programming experience with the Open Source
community. C is my main programming langage since the beginning of my study.

Thanks for response.

Matthieu Maury
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