MSN protocol debugs cause crash!

Marty martyspamtrap at
Sat May 1 04:46:53 EDT 2010

Hello Pidgin developers!

I've ported libpurple to OS/2 and I'm writing a native GUI around it.  Everything is 
going well except I'm having a lot of crashes inside of the MSN SOAP code.  Other 
protocols that I've tried are working well (AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo so far), log in 
successfully, get the buddy list, and can send and receive messages.  MSN crashes 
during login.

After much tracing around, I found that one of the debugs coming out from soap.c was 
longer than 64KiB.  It was one of the "current:  ..." prints, where it shows the 
contents of what was received over the secure connection.  When this string is sent 
through a single printf (at least on my platform), absolutely AWEFUL and very random 
things happen.  I'm not sure if other C runtime libraries support such a large 
string in printf/vprintf, but mine certainly doesn't.

Anyway, just a word of warning.  The MSN plugin code is the only one doing this.  
All the others keep their debugs much smaller.  Please try to keep this in mind when 
writing debug messages if you can.  I've worked around the issue by turning off the 
offending messages for now.

Cheers!  And thanks for all the work on libpurple!

- Marty Amodeo

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