Fwd: a user requests to add me as a friend,im robot exit and crash

hqlong houqinglong at gmail.com
Sat May 8 22:21:09 EDT 2010

im bot basically normal user, chat, message interception are no
problems, the main problem is that when a user request to add him as a
friend, msn account will be off-line, log shows the error appears as
the most:
(12:34:23) gnutls: send failed: Error in the push function.

As long as no new user request to add friends, the bot is no problem,
totally normall use, once the new user reuqest, there will
automatically exit, then the above error, i checked serveral days did
not check them proble, once thought it was libpurple version of the
problem, then tested version of the completely normal.

Paul mentioned may be http_post, i think the proble should not be
here, because only when a chat message comes in, will call it, and
that everything is normal, but still would like to thank Paul for

在 2010年5月9日 上午9:53,hqlong <houqinglong at gmail.com> 写道:
> thank Paul Aurich..
> 2010/5/9 Paul Aurich <paul at darkrain42.org>:
>> And hqlong spoke on 05/08/2010 04:35 AM, saying:
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>>> 发件人: hqlong <houqinglong at gmail.com>
>>> 日期: 2010年5月7日 下午12:46
>>> 主题: Re: a user requests to add me as a friend,im robot exit and crash
>>> 收件人: Daniel Atallah <datallah at pidgin.im>
>>> thank you for you reponse.
>>> --
>>> 祝好!
>>> hqlong
>> If your program is crashing, run it in gdb (or enable core dumps, run it
>> until it crashes, and then load the core dump into GDB).  See
>> http://pidgin.im/gdb for some basic instructions.
>> Your code is incomplete (I don't see the definitions of http_post() and
>> url_encode() anywhere).
>> A few comments, though:
>>  * If http_post() returns NULL, strlen(NULL) will crash.  strlen(str) == 0
>> is also a (relatively) inefficient check, "(rps_text == NULL || *rps_text
>> == '\0') is better.
>>  * You need to free 'data'
>> ~Paul
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> hqlong


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