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Fri May 14 03:27:07 EDT 2010

* Jorge Villaseñor <salinasv at> wrote:

> That's nice. I haven't noticed that much patches from contributors.
> Maybe it could be a good practice to force commiters to always 
> add a"patch from foo".

Why not simply having all contributions in their own branches ?
Once having a proper VCS, I dont see any valid reason for not
everybody using it and instead playing around w/ single patches.

> I said there is no *need* ;-) we can and it might be a good idea 
> to have a string freeze on micro releases, still I think the string
> changes could be fewer on micro than macro releases.

Perhaps I've missed someting, but I see two reasons for a 
string change:

a) some feature introduces new strings. in this case, these new
   translations should happen in the appropriate feature branch.
   maybe add an additional code-frozen stage to this branch, where
   no new strings can be added, only missing translations.
b) changing existing translations. that could be in its own
   feature branches (or maybe separate translation branches),
   based on master.

BTW: when I'm talking about some branch "foo" is based on "bar",
I mean: _always_ rebase before merging back ...

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