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Fri May 14 04:28:54 EDT 2010

* John Bailey <rekkanoryo at> wrote:

> That's what I was getting at with my example of Gadu-Gadu privacy.  Something
> like this that is an important feature could potentially be delayed months if we
> have other stuff pending that's not quite ready for release. 

Why not having some short release cycle (ag. 2..4 weeks):

#1 within each release cycle, a RC-branch is forked off the master.
#2 the RC branch only does bugfixing.
#3 as soon as there are no more open issues, it goes througt the
   full test cycle 
#4 if new issues pop up here, go to #2
#5 when nothing more is blocking, tag the release
#6 rebase master onto the latest release

> > Cheap micro (bugfix) releases while all Developers are still working
> > on new stuff.
> Again, just in theory.  I guarantee we're going to have some forgetfulness and
> eventual crossing from one branch to the other that shouldn't (an old bug fixed
> on i.p.p or something added to next.release that shouldn't be).

What exactly is the problem w/ simply forking bugfix branches off
the latest release and - when done - merge back into next bugfix-rc
(which should be released asap) as well as master ?

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