Plans for Pidgin 2.7.7

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Mon Nov 22 01:45:37 EST 2010

Hey, guys,

Obviously since we just released Pidgin 2.7.6, we need to think about
the next version.  Originally I was hoping to move forward with 2.8.0 at
this point, but considering that we just released the merging of MSNp16
and Jorge's SoC work on the MSN prpl, I think it might be wise to do at
least one more micro release for the 2.7.x series.  Paul seemed to agree
when I suggested this in the XMPP MUC.  So, here's what I envision for
2.7.7, of course barring major problems requiring a quick release:

* Merge Window: I'm not aware of any merge-ready branches, but if any
  exist, merge them in the next 2 weeks.  That starts now, 2010-11-22,
  and ends on 2010-12-06.
* Development Period: Once the merge window closes, we should have at
  least one more week in which strings can be changed.  Continue to fix
* String Freeze: I'd like to declare a string freeze on 2010-12-12,
  giving the translators a deadline of 2010-12-18.

Ideally, my target release date is 2010-12-19.

Thoughts, objections, etc.?

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