about msn file transfer

Brian Lu brian.lu at oracle.com
Wed Nov 24 04:18:40 EST 2010

  Hi, All,

I'm working on a bug about transfer files between two msn accounts on 
OpenSolaris platform.
The bug is that after clicking "accept" button, file transfer doesn't 
happen until timeout.

Pidign works well on Linux and I found that if A sends a file to B,  
after clicking "accept" button,
B seems to send and 'ACK n' message back to A (where n is a number) then 
A will start file transfer (on Linux).

I saw 'ACK 11'  in buf[] (in read_cb()) with my test case. But I can't 
find the code to send the 'ACK n' message.

Does anyone know where the codes are?



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