Automerging buddies

Ivan Komarov ivan.komarov at
Sat Oct 30 18:16:16 EDT 2010


Currently, when multiple buddies with the same name appear in the
buddy list, we prompt the user if he wants to merge them into one
contact. I'd like to implement a setting (something like
“Automatically merge buddies with the same name”), which, when
activated, would merge existing buddies with the same name and do the
same for future buddies without prompting the user.

The problem I'm trying to solve is that I have multiple installations
of Pidgin (at work, at home, at my laptop, at my friend's, etc.), and
it's very annoying to have to merge the contacts manually every time I
use a new installation. I could carry around my ~/.purple with me, but
this is not very convenient. Also, I want it to be in the core and not
in a plugin, since sometimes I have no possibility or intention to
install any plugins (when I'm using my friend's computer, for

I know a couple of my friends and I would use such a setting, but I'm
not sure if everyone is OK with adding it to the core. Please feel
free to respond to this mail with any kind of feedback. Maybe my
problem has a better/cleaner solution, feel free to point that out.

Ivan Komarov

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