Pidgin Firefox Extension

Max hifimax at
Thu Sep 16 19:26:31 EDT 2010

Hey, folks.

Some time ago I I made a Firefox extension to allow sending links and
selected text to Pidgin. But I'm done with working on it and have no
intention of maintaining it. So if anyone is interested to continue
working on it, feel free to do so. - 5kb

Upon starting Firefox, the extension grabs a list of users from
running Pidgin and stores it into a text file. If you right-click on
any link in the Firefox, you will see 2 menu items at the end of the
menu - send2pidgin and send2pidgin FAV. The first one lists all
contacts taken from Pidgin, the second one is your favorites. Each
time you send a message through the extension it updates the message
count for a user - top 10 users you send messages to are added to FAV
menu. There are two other ways to use it - when you select text on a
page (the selected text will be sent to your contact) and when you
right-click on any place in the page (the current page url will be
sent). The link/selected text is prepended by the page title.

Made for Pidgin 2.6.X if I recall correctly, so may not work with the
latest version. The extension uses Python and Dbus so will probably
only work on Linux.

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