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Wed Dec 28 19:14:04 EST 2011

FYI, and kudos

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Subject: Pidgion for the blind.

Hallo there.

My name is Corrie Visagie.  I would just like to thank you for giving us pidgion. It is one of the very few im clients that work for blind people And THAT SAYS A HELL OF A LOT ABOUT YOU GUYS. Maybe you don't knoow it but your im client works with screen reading software like jaws.  yes there are a few bugs here and there but i try to work arround them.  Thank you so much.  Now you just need to develope pidgion for symbian noka systems. Man then youll see how that would fly.  Thanx again guys Thanx you for thinking or maybe accendently thinking of us blindies.  Lol.  :) Corrie Visagie.

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