Moving to Hg without any analysis at all

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at
Mon Feb 7 18:52:33 EST 2011


Last time when I criticized the move to monotone, Luke mentioned this:
> We spent considerable time and effort evaluating our options when we made
> this switch. I am a little tired of the idea that we made it relatively
> arbitrarily.

This time there was no analysis at all, there's no list of pros and
cons, and no list of reasons why the move to hg is desirable.

For posterity, the only reason you have picked hg over the
alternatives, is because more people voted for it. People didn't even
had to list a reason for their vote, or even cast it publicly.

Hopefully you would agree that this time the decision is arbitrary,
and you didn't give a chance at all to the alternatives. Given the
fact that you have to use monotone right now I can see why you would
want to move with haste, but I still think you should _at least_
provide a list of reasons to your community, not just "Because we say


P.S. Please 'reply to all', as I'm not subscribed


Felipe Contreras

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