Time to Leave Monotone Behind?

John Bailey rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo.org
Mon Feb 7 21:43:48 EST 2011

On Mon, Feb 07, 2011 at 12:51:44PM -0800, Mark Doliner typed:
> Another option might be to just force these people to push their stuff
> to our main repo before the conversion.  Or force those people to deal
> with the problem themselves.  I'm not one of those people and I'm
> pretty cold-hearted, so maybe my vote shouldn't count for much :-)

I also don't have this problem.  But I know we had a few people who
had local patches back in the CVS and SVN days that they wanted to
carry over, so surely a few people have local stuff in mtn as well.
(I'd hope this is committed, since mtn *is* a DVCS!)

> > I can take the stuff from guifications.org for commit mails and ticket
> > auto-closures and adapt it for us.  I originally borrwed it from Adium.
> Does hg have a standard way to do commit emails, repository serving
> and bug tracker integration?  It seems like it should...?  It's not
> clear to me what you would be borrowing from guifications.org.

Yes, there are standard hooks for commit mails.  Trac integration was
a pain, as there was no included hook and I had to bisect to find a
working revision of the hook script once I found an external one.  The
trac integration may need some tweaking to get our milestone auto-set
done, but that shouldn't be too much trouble.  My bit with borrowing
from guifications.org is mainly using it as reference to remember what
I set up, since it's been a while.  We'll also surely want this stuff
to be global on pidign.im.  We wanted it per-repo for guifications, as
we have many more repos than we want commit mails and trac integration

> > For repository serving, my intention is to use mercurial-server on one of our
> > servers and hg+ssh for pushes.  All we need in this case is an ssh pubkey from
> > every person who gets write access.
> Does that mean we'd need to create a system-wide user account for each commiter?

No.  We'd have one system user account.  All permissions are
determined by the ssh key in use and the permissions granted in the

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