D-bus plugin and Free Pascal

dibo20 at wp.pl dibo20 at wp.pl
Mon Jan 3 09:37:14 EST 2011


This is my first topic, so I want to say hello.

I'm writting d-bus plugin using free pascal. Connect to the Pidgin and 
listening for signals was easy. I analyze example with ReceivedImMsg. I 
know how read string and integer arguments, but there is no example how 
to read PurpleConversation structure. I read DBUS_TYPE_INT32 argument 
but what to do with it? Is this pointer to conversation structure? I 
have a lot of d-bus demos, but there is no low-level examples (python 
have his magic one-line functions and C uses marshall - I don't know 
what is this in free pascal, if it exists of course). I need some low 
level examples based on d-bus documentation.
I think I must use somehow dbus_connection_register_object_path function 
first. I have converted C conversation headers to Free Pascal.

Regards and sorry for my English.

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