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Sat Jan 8 10:15:39 EST 2011

right now i'm writing codin a plugin for pidgin in C. I want to view all history of my account with all far, i have smthing like this:

    buddies=purple_blist_get_buddies ();

    for (temp = buddies; temp != NULL; tmep = temp->next)
    PurpleBlistNode *node = temp->data;
    PurpleBlistNode *prev = purple_blist_node_get_sibling_prev(node);
    PurpleBlistNode *next = purple_blist_node_get_sibling_next(node);
        if (node->type==PURPLE_BLIST_BUDDY_NODE)
            b= (PurpleBuddy*)node;
            //conv=purple_find_conversation_with_account (PURPLE_CONV_TYPE_IM, b->name, b->account);
            //history = purple_log_read((PurpleLog *)purple_log_get_logs(PURPLE_LOG_IM,b->name,b->account), &flags);
            purple_debug_info("gtk-nik-incore","name = %s\n", b->name);


i have retrieved buddies name, but i don't know how history works.tried some thing - no succes. i'm a noob and API isn't a much of help. if you can help me i will apreciate that
Best regards

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