Time to Leave Monotone Behind?

Zachary West zacwest at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 18:06:47 EST 2011

On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 18:03, John Bailey <rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo.org>wrote:

> One argument in favor of git, however, is that git supports the concept of
> the
> author of a revision and the committer of a revision being two different
> people.
>  Mercurial does not.  If I use 'hg commit -u "some random person"' then
> there's
> no hint that I'm the person who actually committed the revision.  I'm not
> sure I
> see this as a problem, but I imagine one or two people might object to
> this.
You could use a pushlog like so:

This records who pushes what, and I imagine something like it will
eventually get added to Mercurial proper.

Zachary West
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