Whiteboard support for XMPP Protocol and New Enriched Gtkwhiteboard

Pankaj Singh singh.pankaj.iitkgp08 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 09:00:46 EST 2011

Hello everyone,

We are a group of three students from Indian Institute of Technology,
Kharagpur, India. We are trying to implement whiteboarding feature for XMPP
Protocol. So far, basic implementation equivalent to Yahoo Doodle has been
done. You can check here for updates -

In addition to this we want to have more features in gtkwhiteboard. This is
the present look of gtkwhiteboard -
|       canvas     | con |
|                      | trol |
|                      | s    |
|                      |       |
|                      |       |
Currently, in control panel, we have options like,"Clear", "Save", "Color".
This completes basic need of a brush tool. But, I want to have more options
like, "Draw empty Eclipse","Draw Empty Rectangle" etc.

Since, by default "button_press_event" and "button_release_event" are
connected to "pidgin_whiteboard_brush_down" and "pidgin_whiteboard_brush_up"
respectively, it conflicts with Drag and Draw feature for drawing eclipse,
rectangle etc. What I want to have is, by default these events will be
registered with brush but as soon as "Draw empty Eclipse" or "Draw Empty
Rectangle" button is clicked, control of these events will be given to
respective functions.

I am trying to right new functions in order to fill reserved places in
PurpleWhiteboardUiOps, and PurpleWhiteboardPrplOps. Since, we are new at
libpurple and pidgin developemt, I want to know following things

   - How much changes are acceptable
   - Suggestion regarding workflow etc.
   - if any experienced pidgin developer can guide us

Thanking You,

Pankaj Kumar Singh,
3rd Year Undergraduate Student,
Department of Agricultural and Food Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology,
Website - http://www.IamPankaj.in
Email - contact at IamPankaj.in , singh.pankaj.iitkgp08 at gmail.com
Mobile - (+91) 8001231685
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