Libpurple on Mac OS X Lion connection problems

Alex alex.solis at
Tue Jul 19 02:49:31 EDT 2011

I am testing a client that uses libpurple and had problems connecting some account from time to time when running on Lion. This is not account specific, I used yahoo in the example above but it was happening to Jabber, MSN, AIM, etc...

The client was successfully sending the DNS request but was not processing any reply from the server. I did a Wireshark capture and the server was sending the response, libpurple just didn't seem to process it.

This is how the libpurple log looked (filtered by dns):
(19:02:40) dnsquery: Performing DNS lookup for
(19:02:41) dns: Created new DNS child 925, there are now 1 children.
(19:02:41) dns: Successfully sent DNS request to child 925
<--No more dns logs after this point-->

I was expecting these lines to follow:
(18:51:29) dns: Got response for ''
(18:51:29) dnsquery: IP resolved for

After some tests, the problem is solved by disabling PURPLE_DNSQUERY_USE_FORK at dnsquery.c

I am still wondering what could have changed on Lion that is causing this problem, if somebody know, LMK.

Hope this helps others out there when Lion is released this month.


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