Release process changes and a few other things

Mark Doliner mark at
Sun Jun 12 14:36:43 EDT 2011

There are a few changes I'd like to make.  Anyone have objections or questions?

* Remove the dates from the version number lines in ChangeLog.API and
ChangeLog.win32 (we already did this for po/ChangeLog).  The dates
will still be listed in ChangeLog.  Listening them elsewhere seems

* Get rid of NEWS.  I don't think many people look at it, and I feel
like it doesn't provide much value to anyone.  I think users are more
likely to look at the 'News' section of the Pidgin website, and so I
think we should try to use it more (although I don't think we should
feel obligated to write a news entry for each release).  Examples of
things that I think would be good to post on the web site: "This is
the first release with voice and video support!"  "We officially
promoted Leroy Jenkins from Crazy Patch Writer to Developer"  "Our
release cycle will be a bit slower over the next few months as we work
on larger architecture changes for Pidgin 3.0.0."

* Get rid of some directories on our rpm repo.  The most recent Pidgin
version in these repos is 2.6.8.  Also RHEL 5 has been out since March
2007.  CentOS 5 has been out since April 2007.  People should have
updated by now.

* Remove and  It looks like Fedora
keeps Pidgin fairly up to date themselves (the oldest supported
version, Fedora 13, has Pidgin 2.7.11).


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