Maintaining State in Pidgin

Matt Mullenweg m at
Thu Mar 17 18:36:57 EDT 2011

Howdy everybody -- I'm the co-founder of WordPress and a long-time 
Pidgin user, which I find crucial for my day-to-day work.

Best way to introduce what I'm thinking about might be an old blog post 
from Mark:

When I use Skype IM, for example, if my machine crashes (as it 
inevitably does) when the application restarts it has all my chats, 
messages, and unread counts waiting right where I left them, and I can 
get right back to work.

I searched through the devel archives and didn't find anyplace this was 
specifically discussed before, so to start just curious how people feel 
about the concept of maintaining state in general, and whether it's 
possible in Pidgin specifically.

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