getting TLS/SSL client-side certificate into 3.0.0?

Lucas Fisher lucas.fisher at
Thu Mar 24 19:56:46 EDT 2011

Sure, I'll keep working on it. :)

On or not, I would like to put it someone where someone might 
look at it or at least check out the API additions to see if they are 
agreeable.  Better to start looking now rather than later. A separate branch 
is no problem.

On Tuesday, March 22, 2011 09:49:29 pm John Bailey wrote:
> On 03/22/2011 09:20 PM, Lucas Fisher wrote:
> > I have a bunch of code I've been working on to add client-side SSL/TLS
> > certificate authentication to XMPP and am wondering what steps I need to
> > take to get it into 3.0.
> I'd *love* to see client-side certificates usable.  Just continue working
> on it and let us know when it's ready for review.  If you'd like, you can
> open a ticket about it and reply to me off-list about it, including the
> ticket number, so I don't accidentally overlook it (it's easy to lose
> tickets in the massive sea we have!).
> > I've been working from im.pidgin.pidgin, so I haven't yet looked at
> > getting it working with so that is on the
> > todo list. Should I be pushing my branch up to I made
> > several API additions. It still needs more work on UI tie-ins, but it is
> > getting close to a fully workable solution.
> isn't a public-writable server.  We can arrange for you to
> have write access if no one objects to it, so long as your work goes on a
> branch other than im.pidgin.pidgin or  We'd
> obviously like the chance to review your code before we merge it :)
> John

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