Clickable links API

Andrew Victor at
Mon Mar 28 05:15:00 EDT 2011


> Couldn't you just use the 'uri-handler' core signal instead?

I had a look at the uri-handler method on Linux.

1. You need to register a gnome URL-handler.
    At startup, Pidgin calls gtk_imhtml_class_register_protocol() for
all of these.
2. When clicking on a link, it causes pidgin/gtknotify.c to spawn a
Python process (libpurple/purple-url-handler).
3. That process sends a DBus message back to Pidgin.

This mechanism's overhead seems very high, and we'd like a
cross-platform cross-client solution without all the external
I think the URI Handlers are also an optional component on a Windows
installation of Pidgin.

  Andrew Victor

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