libpurple and imprudence

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I don't think I understood exactly what you're after here, nor in your
previous email. I sort of understand the questions, but they seem to me like
you need to read documentation inside the tarball, or just start building to
figure things out.


On Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 5:04 PM, <chris-tuchs at> wrote:

> Hi again,
> Maybe my first message was too broad in scope?  My general goal
> is to hack imprudence into looking like plugins to libpurple.  To
> do that I need to learn to write libpurple plugins.
> The docs I found at
> seem good
> in general.  In detail though, when I try to follow and get to
> the point it says "download a source tarball. You will want to
> use the source tarball that matches the version of Pidgin you are
> running", then I run into my first problem.
> I'm not running pidgin, and though I will if it makes starting
> development easier, I eventually will stop using pidgin and
> switch to using imprudence.
> The second problem is how do I find what is the correct version
> of the tarballs for the libraris/dependancies that "sudo apt-get
> build-dep pidgin" ensured were installed?  And/or the ones that
> pidgin needs?
> The third problem is, assuming I knew what version to get, where
> would I find the source tarballs?  That also isn't obvious to me
> from the website.
> Really, I am not clueless.  I've done this kind of work before,
> and thousands of people are using the results right now.  I won't
> be nearly so noisy after I get started, I suspect, but getting
> started is daunting me.
> Help please?
> Chris
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