Updated pidgin git import scripts

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at gmail.com
Sun May 1 10:53:35 EDT 2011


I've tagged v3 of the pidgin-git-import scripts. It has all the fixes
from the pidgin-mtn-conv-files scripts on the latest revision

The main difference is that it takes 30m instead of 40h, and of
course, it converts directly to git by using monotone's official
conversion and git's filter branch to fix the result.

The only thing that is missing is to split the repository into
multiple ones per branch, but that's trivial to do with git.

Here are the scripts:

And here's the result (I will not maintain that):

At the very least I think this should be used to verify that the
current mtn->hg scripts produce good results.


[1] http://hg.guifications.org/pidgin-mtn-conv-files

Felipe Contreras

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