purple_notify_searchresult_column visibility

Paul Aurich paul at darkrain42.org
Wed May 4 23:36:03 EDT 2011

And Andrew Victor spoke on 05/03/2011 02:31 PM, saying:
> hi,
>> You might want to store values within each row of a search-result, but
>> not have those values visible to the user.
>> eg,  an internal UserId to be used in the SearchResult callback.
>> This patch adds API:
>>  void purple_notify_searchresult_column_set_visible(PurpleNotifySearchColumn
>> *column, gboolean visible);
>>  gboolean purple_notify_searchresult_column_is_visible(const
>> PurpleNotifySearchColumn *column)
>> Updates Pidgin and Finch to change UI visibility of those columns.
> Well there wasn't feedback for or against it, so I've committed it to
> im.pidgin.pidgin.next.major for now.

This looks fine to me.  Given it's a behavior change, and not just a
quasi-public struct tweak, I definitely think im.pidgin.major is the right
place for it

I'm going to add a clarification to the docs that the default is TRUE, and
look at adding support to Finch.

> Regards,
>   Andrew Victor


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