Various mostly bonjour related fixes

Ethan Blanton elb at
Tue Nov 29 20:09:06 EST 2011

Linus Lüssing spake unto us the following wisdom:
> With the following patches I was able to remove various issues I was
> having with bonjour messaging and file transfer.
> These patches were tested with two Debian testing VMs with one
> network interface with avahi 0.6.30. Various combinations of IPv4,
> IPv6 global and IPv6 link-local addresses assigned to their interface
> were tested successfully.

Thank you very much for these patches.  I have applied patches 1, 3,
and 4.  Patch 2 (fix socket listen address) requires a minor version
bump, as it adds API.  This is by no means a showstopper, but I think
we want to decide whether to push 2.10.1 out first or not; we've been
spinning on it for far too long now.

> They should probably be tested on some other operating systems as well
> but I unfortunately do not have any other ones available at the moment.

Agreed.  I didn't see anything immediately objectionable in the
patches (likely to not compile style objectionable), so I went ahead
and pushed them so that they can get more testing.

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