pidgin: 1d1b9a2c: _PurpleAccount.ui_data is unused.

Kevin Stange kstange at
Sat Oct 1 19:20:17 EDT 2011

On 10/01/2011 05:31 PM, andrew.victor at wrote:
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> Revision: 1d1b9a2c6eba253299637dbd5775d4c1578e18c2
> Parent:   e739007314a3329bf16ca02c6018e39c4f0f1ef6
> Author:   andrew.victor at
> Date:     10/01/11 17:32:38
> Branch:   im.pidgin.pidgin
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> Changelog: 
> _PurpleAccount.ui_data is unused.

I wouldn't remove ui_data fields.  This assumes that no UI will ever
want to store UI information related to an account.  Just because our
clients do not, does not mean others have a reason to.

ui_data is never used by the core, only by UIs at their discretion.


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