Dependencies not resolved ???

Paul Aurich darkrain42 at
Sat Sep 10 21:38:37 EDT 2011

And Schmitt spoke on 09/07/2011 07:00 AM, saying:
> I installed necessary gstreamer and farsight packages, but they are somehow
> not recognized ???
> When I want to configure from pidgin-directory the pidgin-files
> gcc- compiler is still moaning with:
> configure: error:
> Dependencies for voice/video were not met.
> Install the necessary gstreamer and farsight packages first.
> Or use --disable-vv if you do not need voice/video support.

You need to have the -dev(el)? packages installed as well.  If you do, then
read back through the ./configure output for relevant messages (e.g. the
versions are wrong, things like that).  If you're still still stuck, upload
the config.log file someplace and then link to it.


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