[GSoC-2012-Idea] Better chat log viewer

adeel khan ak1733 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 06:20:17 EDT 2012

I have improved UI a little with the added information for the third use
case, from what i understood. Here contacts could be grouped together as a
meta contact and a user can see the gs with some difference.

Here i have used a list view that would give a detail about what logs are
present inside an entity with each user represented with protocol info,
contact name.So whenever a user double clicks on the meta contact inside
the tree, the upper tab would show a list having all the inside logs. The
user can select any log by double clicking on any log in the list view. The
list view would aggregate the logs for the meta contact. The user can still
use the tree view to see the individual logs for a contact.

Here the only problem is to decide, should the above tab would always be
visible from application start showing other useful info as appropriate
(which can be beneficial as the user might not always want to go to the
depth of the tree to find a log, he/she can just double the contact (root)
to get a list) or it is only shown when the user selects any entity and in
that case the lower tab would expand itself to occupy the entire space.

Please give a feedback,

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