Google Summer of Code - need advices

Michael Zangl michael at
Fri Apr 6 10:33:59 EDT 2012

Hi Célestin,

Since I am currently familar it, here is a summary of the current status
of android porting (the sections are from my GSoC proposal, since I have
already summarized everything there).

pidroid has been a first attempt to create a android application. All
required librarys are build and some java source has been added that
calls a native function which starts purple. All other java functions
are just "TODO" and don't do anything interesting.

And this is about my progess:
I have the libraries building and included in the apk-File (with some
hacks). Eclipse does not see the C code as an enemy any more and even
native debugging works. I implemented basic eventloop scheduling and the
calls needed to get a list of accounts, add one and remove them. So far,
I needed about 6 working days for it and saw that, if I continue, this
is going to be a summer-filling project. I packed my tests in a tar
archive. http:/

There are also some messages about this topic on the list, a good start
would be If you
have further questions regarding what you need to build the frontend,
just ask me. You should be familiar with C and Java, and it would be
good if you already have experience with the JNI and Android.


Am Freitag, den 06.04.2012, 14:05 +0200 schrieb Célestin Perdu:
> I'm particularly interested in these project ideas and would like to
> know
> more about them (mainly about what already exists) :
> - android frontend
> - better chat log viewer
> - emoticon cache 

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