Android project status

Michael Zangl pidgin_m at
Fri Aug 17 17:22:25 EDT 2012

Hello everyone,

For this years GSoC, I accepted the challenge of porting parts of
libpurple to Android.
For this, I wrote a Java wrapper to access the Accounts, Buddylist and
Conversations from Java code and also a simple test application that
lets you do conversations.

More details on the project, mainly on the build process, can be found
at [1]. The source code is in my GSoC branch [2].

My project is now in a state where it can be compiled and used for
chatting, although the UI is not really confortable. The basic work is
done, Eventloop, many UI ops, SSL, DNS and some other minor stuff works.
So if you want to play around with it, you can start now. You can report
problems, segfaults and wishes to me (or fix them yourself).

If you only want to develop on the client, I can give you compiled
binaries of the libraries so that you do not have to set up all this JNI
stuff (they will be released somewhere in the future, for now just mail
If you are missing something, let me know. Currently, only Jabber
accounts are supported (the rest will probably segfault somewhere). I
suggest you to transfer your accounts.xml to the Android device if you
have problems with the default settings.



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