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Mon Aug 27 17:13:55 EDT 2012

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You: Hello! I'm wondering if you could help me resolve support ticket #8106282?
Mark: Hi
Mark: Thank you for contacting ClickDesk Support. 
My name is Mark.

Mark: What is this ticket all about?
You: Someone appears to have subscribed a "contact us" email address to a mailing list I adminster
You: Whenever someone emails the mailing list, the contact us software sends 2 emails to the person
You: I'd like to determine the email address that is affiliated with this contact us widget so I can unsubscribe it from my mailing list, but I've been unable to do that as there are no identifying characteristics in the emails they send
Mark: Correct me if I am wrong
Mark: When someone sends you an email
Mark: There is an auto response that is sent to the person who send the email?
You: Correct
Mark: What is the email?
You: There are actually 2 emails
You: The first one: http://www.pidgin.im/nopaste/103?tx=on&submit=Format it!
You: And the second: http://www.pidgin.im/nopaste/104?tx=on&submit=Format it!
Mark: I meant the email address in which your customer is receiving auto response
You: The emails are from Evo <4a1q2-4u2d7 at contactuswidget.appspotmail.com>
Mark: And how about the email your customer is sending to
You: devel at pidgin.im
Mark: I got your problem sorted out but in order to clear this we need to get the main email used to create a ClickDesk account
You: I don't have that information--I'm not the person operating the ClickDesk account
Mark: We will need to have that email so that we can disable the autoresponse
Mark: If only you can give it to me now, I can do it on my side right away
You: As I said, I don't have that information
Mark: If just in case you have it or you can tell the person to send me an email : mark at 2desk.com containing the registered ClickDesk email
Mark: So that I can make the necessary action to disable it
You: I don't know the person operating the ClickDesk account
You: If I did, I could unsubscribe them from our mailing list
Mark: I see. Since you already have a ticket, I will endorse this to our Dev Team to see if they can dig deeper to the issue
You: Is it possible for you to look up the account based on the email headers being sent out?
Mark: No
You: Could I suggest that ability be added?  It seems like it would make this process easier
You: As it stands, these emails feel a little abusive/spammy
Mark: Yes you can
Mark: I understand your point
You: Ok, thanks
Mark: Since you already submitted a ticket, you will be contacted by our Dev Team within 24 hours for updates
You: Ok, great
Mark: I apologize for this inconvenience
Mark: Is there anything else I can help you with?

You: Nope
Mark: Thank you for contacting ClickDesk support. Have a great day

Mark: Bye
You: Thanks for your help


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