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Wed Dec 19 14:35:09 EST 2012

Yes, thank you for respond, William.

The work is to develop a .net wrapper for Pidgin on sending and responding message.

I don't know how exactly Pidgin work, but we are developing an in-house .net program

to integrate with internal system. The requirement is to communicate with Pidgin software

so that all of incoming instant messages will be captured and corresponding message

will be responded.

The above the is basic idea. If you are interested in this contract work please feel free
to contact me (Phone : 408-551-6883 Ext : 21). Or if it is ok with you I can call you to
explain in more details. After the discussion if you would like to do this work for us,
then I will send you email with a more clear specs and requirement and you can send
me your quote for the project work. Again, thank you very much for your respond.

Thank you,


Applied Computer Online Services
Phone : 408-551-6883 (Ext : 21)
Fax : 408-551-6882<>

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You might want to talk a little more about work you're looking to get done.
On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 1:03 AM, Mike Chang <wchang at<mailto:wchang at>> wrote:

Do you do Pidgin contract work ?
What is the rate ?

Thank you,


Applied Computer Online Services
Phone : 408-551-6883<tel:408-551-6883> (Ext : 21)
Fax : 408-551-6882<tel:408-551-6882><>

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