[GSoC 2012] Planned API changes - RFC

Elliott Sales de Andrade qulogic at pidgin.im
Sun Jul 8 15:11:23 EDT 2012

On Sun, Jul 8, 2012 at 6:18 AM, Tomasz Wasilczyk
<tomkiewicz.groups at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>>> 3) ability to change labels for "username"
>>>>> There's currently the UI hint for what should be entered into the
>>>>> username box via the prpl_info->get_account_text_table(), is this not
>>>>> enough?
>>>> I missed that, thanks. It's not used in buddy adding dialog, but I can fix this.
>>> Update: there is a small problem, that makes me unable to solve it. In
>>> buddy list dialog there is a focus on username field, so login_label
>>> hint won't display after dialog shows up. Any ideas?
>> I have just solved it [1] - just added login_label to username label
>> with _("Buddy's _username (%s):"). Better alternative would be just
>> displaying only login_label by _("%s:"), but we would have to remove
>> "..." from ends of all login_labels in protocol plugins - should I
>> done it this way. I have also done hidding invidation message for
>> protocols, which doesn't support it.
> I've implemented better solution [1] - added another string to
> protocol's text table, for buddy usernames. Can someone review it?

I'm still not sure what's wrong with the hints we currently have. We
try to use username everywhere for consistency (and if GG doesn't,
then it should.) I also don't like the idea of the dialog widgets
moving around because the label changed. There is already an
exceptionally long discussion on this matter here:

> Changes:
> - prpl API extended with purple_prpl_get_text, to easily lookup for
> protocol-related strings
> - added buddy_username_label string to some protocols
> - use buddy_username_label as label in buddy adding dialog
> - hide invitation message input (instead of disabling it), if protocol
> doesn't support it
> Tomek
> [1] http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=nHzwbgBF

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