Android summer of code status

Michael Zangl pidgin_m at
Mon Jul 9 05:12:02 EDT 2012

Am Montag, den 09.07.2012, 13:54 +1200 schrieb Eion Robb:
> That's pretty awesome.  Well done Michael :)
> Don't suppose there's any pre-built apk's out there for us lazy-types?


Nice to have some interested testers, but currenlty there is no released

The onliest thing you can do in the application is open the account
list, add accounts and view them (but they are real native accounts,
using the real libpurple). So currently it is more interesting for devs
that are interested in taking part of the Android development. I spend a
lot of time on writing Frameworks for common tasks, so that it should 

I am currently working on the blist, as soon as accounts are really
going online and you can see buddies, I will publish an APK. If you want
one already, just mail me and I will send you the current progress.


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