New http support for libpurple

Tomasz Wasilczyk tomasz at
Sat Jul 28 10:22:57 EDT 2012


as we discussed before on devel at, libpurple needs
to drop its own http queries support and get a dependence on dedicated
http support library. Without using such library, I may not be able to
implement some features, which need more sophisticated requests, than
libpurple offers.

There was two proposals: libsoup and libcurl. The first one had
dependency-related advantages, while the second one seems to be
generally better (see [1]).

I think, we should provide simple libpurple functions, for creating
and registering http queries:
- creating: just encapsulates function like curl_multi_init and
registers its output;
- registering: adds query handle to some list connected with certain
account - we should close such http connection when pidgin
disconnects; we could also watch such handle by ourselves, in our

Waiting for comments and decisions,
Tomek Wasilczyk


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