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John Bailey <rekkanoryo at> wrote:

> Please send me your ssh public keys off-list.  Either XMPP
> or this e-mail address work for me.  If you use e-mail and have a PGP
> key, please either sign or encrypt the message (encryption would be
> preferred).

There is no point in encrypting such a thing because it’s not secret at
all. However, it should be signed to ensure its authenticity, so that
you know that you’re not going to give the access to some random people
who sent you a spoofed mail (which may be encrypted, or not). Or to
some people who would have modified one’s mail one its way, replacing
the legitimate SSH key with its own (I agree it’s very unlikely but
well, it’s possible).

Because of this, you should discard any unsigned mails containing SSH
public keys you received so far.

Apart from that, thank you for all your work on this transition to
Mercurial! :-)

		— gillux
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