Google Summer of Code 2012

Ethan Blanton elb at
Mon Mar 5 13:13:06 EST 2012

Tomasz Wasilczyk spake unto us the following wisdom:
> are there any plans for Pidgin/libpurple to participate in GSoC 2012?

This is something we need to discuss further.  We skipped GSoC last
year due to the amount of free time and energy available to potential
mentors.  I'd like to get a quick weigh-in from potential mentors
(that is, active or semi-active Pidgin developers, active CPWs, etc.)
on how they feel about GSoC this year.  You can either email me
directly or reply to the list, but please do say something if you're
in a potential mentor position.

I know that at least a few of us (myself and Etan, for example) are
willing to put time in but have somewhat uncertain summer schedules.
If the fundamental problem we face is scheduling uncertainty, then we
can simply make sure we don't accept more students than our collective
schedules will admit.  If there isn't interest, that's a different
story, and we should not apply.

Please do let me know.

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