Jorge Villaseñor salinasv at
Tue Mar 20 23:43:16 EDT 2012

>     Hello! My name is Flavius-Valentin Anton, i'm a first year college
> student at "Politehnica" University of Bucharest and i attend the Community
> & Development Labs [1] course held by Rosedu[2]. As announced by the mentors
> (CCed) a while ago on this list, we intend to do some improvements to Pidgin
> (using a cloned repo for testing but sending patches via email). This is my
> first patch so far and it's an enhancement to the "Offline Message
> Emulation" plugin [3].
> Thus, users using protocols that do not support offline messages natively,
> won't interpret them as live, deliberate messages. Instead, they will see a
> notification right before each one. Basically, what i've done was to add
> this text : "(Offline message)" before the actual sender's message, such
> that both users know that this is an offline message and not a simple
> pounce.

You sent the complete file, try sending just the patch, this way we
can all see the actual changes you did.

You can get the patch as noted in point 5. Doing
mtn diff  or diff  -u (I prefer diff -Naurp, it works anyway).

Also, the usual way to send patches is trough the trac system.


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