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Sorry the previous msg wasn't formatted properly. Mailed you the reply.

In case, this is what I wrote in the earlier reply.

Would start working on the theme matching soon. For now, I would like to
add new features and pages to the site.

* plugins would need to be available for more than just 'windows and
> Linux', eg splitting 'Linux' up into platform 32bit/64bit/PowerPC/ARM as
> well as adding OSX and BSD (or whether it's cross platform in the case of
> most Perl plugins)

All of that :) The end-user should easily get to know without much browsing
around whether the plugin is for their platform or not.

* can you expand on point 10 "integration with the pidgin client"?  What
> kind of integration are you thinking of?

I meant to build a detailed 3rd party plugin viewer inside the pidgin
client, with a link to the download page.

* would you use a separate login system or link in with the logins on trac?

Since I have not started any work on the backend, I could definitely use
the logins from trac. However, that might be problem if use separate user
and dev accounts. But I am confortable with either of the options.

I wanted to ask this. The plugin viewer would be stand-alone website, or
integrated into

Nikhil Bafna
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