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Nikhil Bafna nikhil.bafna.r at
Sun Mar 25 03:55:26 EDT 2012

> For example, for Linux users, maybe they could download a .c file, or
> a zip containing the source, and Pidgin automatically invokes gcc,
> compiles the plugin, installs it in the user's local ~/.purple/
> directory, and cleans up after itself.  It would need to show friendly
> messages if the user needs to install gcc, or needs to install the
> pidgin-devel rpm or pidgin-dev dpkg.  And it would need to be able to
> check for updates and update the plugin, possibly automatically.

That would actually help the users, including me, a lot.

I was thinking that each plugin gets a separate page on the website, that
carries detailed description about what the plugin does, screenshots of the
plugin, platforms for which it is available, providing a default download
for the platform the user is on & _explicit_ installation instructions for
each plugin.

Along with, comments could be including on the same page leading to a user
discussion on the plugin, problems faced when using it or review about it.
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