[GSoC-2012-Idea] Better chat log viewer

adeel khan ak1733 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 16:19:01 EDT 2012

I was also interested and was tinkering about the chat log viewer idea.
After going through with the details in the wiki, i was able to come
through with this design which partly incorporates the what is given in
wiki.It only changes the idea of pruning by just highlighting the tree
elements based on the user input as he/she types .

Please check the prototype/UI and elaborate what more is needed or changed.


These are the use cases i have thought of for now.

   - It is still dialog spawned from buddies menu.
   - It shows user accounts at the top level nodes.
   - All the related accounts are the child nodes.
   - Logs are represented in reverse order based on the duration filter.
   - There is search filter which would highlight for accounts as you type
   it / no pruning the tree here.
   - Each log is view able as separate tab when user selects/clicks it.
   - There is refresh log button which would refresh/sync the logs with any
   changes that has happened.

Still i'am unable to understand the third use case that is

Grouped by contact (person), so if I have "markdoliner" on AIM and
"mark.doliner@…" on XMPP combined into a contact/person, the logs show up
as being for one person, with some differentiation for me to tell which IM
account was used.

Please if some one elaborate this a bit.

take care
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