About FBChat and logging

John Indra john.indra at gmail.com
Wed May 2 03:32:44 EDT 2012

Hi all,

I am new to libpurple. I currently have 2 questions which help is
greatly appreciated.

1. I am trying to make a command line FBChat client app based on
libpurple's example nullclient.c.
I can see on the console that new conversation is accepted by
libpurple and printed to screen, but my FBChat friend doesn't seem to
receive the message. The other way around works though (my friend can
send me FBChat message just fine). I test the same code with YM and
GTalk and it works just fine. Both can send and receive msg.

Does this have anything to do with FB App? Do I have to create an FB
App first. What then must I do after I create the FB App? Is there
more information on this somewhere?

2. How do I turn off logging, so the line "Logging of this
conversation failed." doesn't show up in nullclient.c

Thanks a  lot.


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