GSoC 2012: Android port

Michael Zangl michael at
Wed May 23 07:05:10 EDT 2012


I was accepted as GSoC student to do an Android port of libpurple.
The original proposal and a planned timeline can be seen here [1].

The last two weeks I was mainly trying to get everything to build, and
after many hours of trying, patching, configure-scripts-reading and
waiting I got all dependencies of libpurple to compile and finally
libpurple itself.

The basic class structure is already in MTN, but there are no function
implementations. Methods marked as native are extracted to header files
to be implemented and enum constants from C files are autmatically
converted to java source files so that they can be used from java
without any manual hacking. This makes enum conversion a lot easier.

There ist already a documentation on how to set up a development
computer. In the end of the project, I can do a release so that not
everybody who wants to use the library in his projects needs to compile
everything from scratch and install all those tools.

Next week is mainly getting the Android SDK to pack all libraries and
needed Java files together in a package to be installed on the device
and implementing some simple test methods so that the native interface
can be testet.

I will be sending reports like this one about weekly to the list.



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