[Android GSoC] Weekly report

Michael Zangl pidgin_m at fam-zangl.de
Mon May 28 07:33:29 EDT 2012


Since I arrived at a milestone, I thought it was a good time to do an
other weekly report.

I created a first test project that includes the libraries and accesses

Last night, I went to a lot of Androids library loading source code and
build scripts, only to figure out that how matter what you do, you
cannot include .so.x (where x is a number) in your package files (at
least without changing the Phones firmware).
So then I wrote a tool that replaces all .so.x file names with .x.so
file names. That way, they can be used in Android much easier.

All the converted files are put in a directory to be exportet to
projects that need them. In the future, we could release the binary
files as extra package, so that people do not have to compile all of
android (which needs a lot of extra tools and time).

The test application I build just uses those libraries and calls
PurpleInstance.getVersion() to print the version of pidgin on the
screen. That way, I have not tested all functionalities, but I did a
call to a native function and loaded the libraries, so normally all
other functionality should also work and the build system is ready to
get everything building.

This means, that I am currently one week ahead of schedule and will be
starting implementing the UI ops this week.

I hope that in two weeks, libpurple is ready to be started and running
on Android.

If you want to build the project yourself, there is a wiki page that
explains the process. If you encounter problems during the build process
that are not mentioned on the page, pleas mail me or add them.


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