Adding user with the DBus interface ?

xteo xteo at
Thu Oct 11 06:37:49 EDT 2012

Hi ,

I have an application where i need to add buddy to the running pidgin client to know their status information.

My application is in python so I use the pidgin DBus interface .
I have managed to add the buddy to my list I can see then in the UI and when I get info on them I can see They have been added correctly .
The main problem is pidgin does not request their presence information from the lync server so they show as offline even thought I know they are not

What do I need to do to request their presence information ? What source file do I need to look at ?

Also I really don't need to have then as buddy I just want to be able to know there presence info from the server is that possible even without adding them as buddy ?

Any hint would be most welcome I have search the source but can't see what call to the API is am missing ..



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