MSVC Portability

Andrew Victor at
Mon Apr 1 07:26:50 EDT 2013


> CC Andrew and Tomasz, who can look at the mxit and GG stuff more closely.

I've pushed patches for the mxit_decrypt_message and strtoll issues
into the release-2.x.y branch.

  Andrew Victor

>>> libpurple/protocols/mxit/protocol.c:
>>> // Add after the includes.
>>> #ifdef _MSC_VER
>>> #include "cipher.h"
>>> #define strtoll _strtoi64;
>>> #endif
>>> Again, should use GLib's g_ascii_strtoll. (Plus, you shouldn't have a
>>> semicolon in a #define.) Also, why would you only need cipher.h on
>>> MSVC?
>> If I comment out the include I get: "warning C4013: 'mxit_decrypt_message'
>> undefined; assuming extern returning int"
>> It is just a warning but I'm not used to missing function calls causing
>> mere warnings (not having programmed in C) so I included it just in case. It
>> might not be needed, but I don't know what is the standard C behavior in
>> this case.

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