MSVC Portability

Zoltán Sólyom z-ismeretlen at
Wed Apr 3 08:56:18 EDT 2013

After the first run with the DLLs compiled in Visual studio, there was 
an access violation. I found that the pointer to FILE structure returned 
by g_fopen is not compatible with file operations in MS libraries ( Does 
this state the same? 
). Forcefully defining fopen over g_fopen solved the issue, but I would 
like a different solution. (For example to change all g_fopen calls to 
some custom function call, eg. purple_fopen or anything else that can 
then be defined separately for MSVC.) I would then use 
MultiByteToWideChar to convert the name to wchar_t and the non-standard 
_wfopen to get the FILE pointer.
If you know a better way to open files with Unicode filenames under 
Windows please let me know.

On 13/04/02 14:58, Tomasz Wasilczyk wrote:
>  In newest development version [1][2] of libgadu these includes are 
> removed, so when upstream gets released and internal libgadu gets 
> updated (few months, I think), such phantom files won't be necessary. 
> Are there any further issues with GG code?

Not for me at the moment.

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